Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Why YOU should do the Advocare 10 Day Herbal Cleanse

I may have jumped on the bandwagon for this cleanse because all the cool kids were doing it but it was absolutely worth it.  As I am sitting on my couch not being able to feel my feet or my legs because of my fibromyalgia I am missing the cleanse.

Since I have been done with it I have been eating like crap.  I have no willpower!  Someone pay me to eat clean lol  The whole time I was on it there weren't any flare ups, my allergies didn't even affect me.

Anyway the reason for this post is to tell you all the great things that came from those ten days

1. SLEEP!  I slept like a baby and miss it already.  It is not bad, but not as good either now.
2.Appetite, it lowers your appetite in a good way!  You eat smaller portions and actually stay full longer!
3.Skin-Your skin will glow!
4. This is a weird one...Your mouth is cleaner. 
5.Energy-I had tons and never got that middle of the day drag.  I didn't get sleepy after lunch like I normally do and had more energy than my ten year old:)
6.Lose weight-I did not do this to lose weight but weighed myself after anyway just because I was curious. I lost 4 pounds
7.After day 3 I never craved anything bad....wish it had lasted:( bummer

I mean it is only 10 days and can change everything if you let it.  I obviously suck!

Everyone keeps complaining about the fiber drink.  To me it tasted good, it was just the texture that was weird! But seriously all the whining from everyone?? Kinda ridiculous!  You are choosing to do it, get over it!

I have a whole grocery list and some recipes for the cleanse.  Email me if you are interested

Happy Hump Day!!!!!

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