Monday, June 24, 2013

That time I went off and got married!

Well I hinted Thursday night on IG that I was changing my life Friday.  Most people guessed it!

Why so fast you ask?

My New hubby has two daughters.  They were going to see their mom in Seattle today so we really wanted to get married before they left.  Truthfully we have been afraid they wouldn't come back.  So we or I rushed to get my birth certificate (which I didn't end up needing), my dress altered, and find some shoes.  It all worked out perfectly, kind of like everything else in our relationship. Cheesy I know but true!

Friday morning, I got my hair done and signed papers for our new house (Yes we got one of those too, another post).  We went to the DMV to get our license, then went to his oldest daughters friends house to "get married", ok to sign the papers lol The lady at the DMV told us to find somewhere pretty so that their address wouldn't be on our marriage certificate, so we did!

I will let the pictures do the talking....

applying for the license
My favorite from the day, taken by his daughter!

He's 6'4", I'm 5'0" lol
Our Family:)

The kids

Our awesome photographer! (It was also her backyard)
Because nothing in our relationship has been normal we went and got rings after and even exchanged them at the jewelry store haha

The rest of the day was spent shopping for the girls.  They needed new shoes and bathing suits.  Then we went to Marcus' baseball game.  Yep we still had to be parents!!

We left early for our honeymoon.  My mom paid for a B&B for us in the mountains. We went to Central City/Blackhawk.  It's the place for gambling in Colorado and it's absolutely beautiful!

He got all the pics of the mountains...oops!

Saturday we went to breakfast at a place called Millie's.  I had been there before and all I could remember is that they had deep fried french toast....heaven in the mouth!  Then I took him to the cemetery there.  Yes only I would take my husband to a cemetery on our honeymoon lol

I am fascinated with history, especially when things are said to be haunted!

It was built in 1884 and just so cool.  Really sad at the same time, most people didn't live past 30 or 40 back then. They even divided the cemeteries by religion.  Anyway we got lost getting there and ended up driving around the mountain, it was beautiful!!

That night we got dressed up (and forgot to get a picture taken) and went to a casino for all you can eat crab legs.  If you want to get me excited feed me crab legs lol That sounded dirty!
Then instead of gambling we went and watched some bands. One did alternative rock, they even did a mix of Sublime's What I got with Gin and Juice, pretty awesome.  The other was a country band!

Sunday we went back to Millie's.  I need to workout to work off that french toast! SOOO worth it though!

We drove back and he got to meet my grandparents and a friend of mine, then back home to the kids!

Him and I get to live apart for the next 6 weeks which is really shitty:( 

I came home and made dinner for my dad, sister, Marcus and my niece.  My niece decided she wanted her toes to match cute
And I finally read Summer Sisters....Loved it!

I would have to say it was a perfect weekend!! How was your weekend?? Anyone do anything crazy??

Weekly goals:

Monday-Swimming and chasing after my niece for 12 hours and grocery shopping....back on the Ripped in 30 meal plan!

Tuesday-Ripped in 30-I kind of got off track this weekend...hmmm wonder why lol

Wednesday-Ripped in 30

Thursday-Jodi and Sami's challenge

Friday-Tabata and Ripped in 30-Yes both!

Saturday-Ripped in 30

Sunday-A run possibly? Haven't done that in awhile. Maybe even swimming! 

Marcus has baseball tournaments so everything will be planned around that!

Happy Monday everyone!!!


  1. Congratulations Lisa! What a fabulous whirlwind!

  2. Congratulations! I love the non traditional way (I'm in sort of the same boat) - you look very happy :))

  3. I just got goosebumps looking at the pics. Congratulations!! I'm so happy for you!

  4. Congratulations. All the best.


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