Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Getting off my a$$...Let's Get Physical

Simply Sami

The last couple of months have been so busy I haven't hardly worked out or ate anything good for me!  Let's just say since I moved into my Dad's I have bought 10-12 packs of oreos (one more today). Did I mention I have been here a month? Between the three of us those things disappear.  I have a total weakness for cookies.  If they are close to me I will eat them.  Not even kidding.  I can polish off a bag of them in minutes.  It's disgusting and oh so yummy.

I am going to try and follow along with Jodi and Sami's challenge Let's Get Physical this month.  I did the first challenge and plan on doing the second today!

I started to post some goals for the week a couple weeks ago and haven't followed through but starting today that is changing.  Life won't be so busy or I can just stop using that as an excuse right??!!

Tuesday-Challenge 2, as much time as I can take on the treadmill and meal prep

Wednesday-Ripped in 30 (loving it)-since we have baseball this day I am going to bring my own food

Thursday-Challenge 3 (when it comes), treadmill

Friday-Ripped in 30

Saturday-Fishing with the family-I will try to get in a small workout

Sunday-Ripped or Running outside

What are some of your goals this week?

Happy Tuesday!!


  1. I need to start moving my butt. Seriously.

  2. Setting goals is a great idea!! Maybe I should so that too! I hope you liked the challenge for this week!! And the yoga one I'm going to try to keep doing!

  3. Have you seen the new special edition oreos? They're like mega stuffed or something. Oreo bastards!

  4. You are so good getting into exercise. I am hopeless but luckily don't like cookies!


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