Monday, March 11, 2013

5 for Five and Weekend/Week Update!

I don't normally hate Mondays but today I do!  This weekend was fun but exhausting. 

Friday night we were going to go out for a friend's birthday but because we were supposed to get up to a foot of snow we decided to do something laid back.  We went to dinner, the liquor store and then played Texas Hold Em' and Apples to Apples.  It was a blast and didn't make my old ass...well feel old lol

Saturday I spent with my dad, Marcus and my niece.  We were snowed in for the most part.  I made my dad watch Pitch perfect and he loved it!!  I can't seem to get enough of that movie lately, Fat Amy is hilarious!  I decided to go get us pizza and diapers for my niece and fell getting out of the car...ouch. I love hanging with my dad but he has no idea what healthy is.  His cupboards contain Swiss cake rolls, chips, zebra cakes and a lot of Pepsi yuck! So I ate like crap all weekend!

Sunday I dropped Marcus off with my sister and went bridesmaid dress shopping! Oh and fell again....graceful I know!  After like ten stores we found something and it was pretty.  Luckily the bride is nice and isn't making us wear anything ugly!
This is the material.  I didn't get a picture with it on!

After that I met my cousin downtown for a Pentatonix concert.  I know who the hell are they?? They are an accapella group and a really good one!

Thank goodness for tall people that take pictures for me!
While standing in the four block line to get in I spotted a liquor store and decided we needed some entertainment while we were waiting alkie right here......fireball shooters.  Then lots of beer at the concert.  We might have a had a little too much fun....

Nah no such thing!

Anyway after 3 1/2 hours of sleep last night and a small hangover I was looking forward to a date with my couch but people have other ideas.  I have a showing between 6-7.  I guess I can't complain!

Meanwhile this week I was really excited!

Tuesday I ran a mile without stopping!  Then Thursday 2 miles!  I'm going to be a runner yet!

Then when I got home last night/this morning this was in my mailbox

I might get a little crazy and wear it every day for a week lol Plus look at those pretty brady bands!

Now for 5 for Fail...once again


1. Replace the baseboards in Marcus' bathroom....they are gross and look really bad. I am going to be a bad ass handy man one of these days!!-Nope not yet

2.Get my yard cleaned up and trash hauled away!-Didn't do that either

3. Get some crafting done-No...geez I'm doing so great

4.Start my new workout plan!!  I did do this! LOVE IT!  I feel like a bad ass lifting some weights!

5.Make business cards so I can start selling some stuff.-I started them....does that count?

Anyway this week...

1.Baseboards...let's try this again.  I can't wait to try out my new saw!

2.Crafting!  I have jam to make too! 

3.Order my business cards.

4.Start eating clean again....this weekend killed me!

5.Clean out my car.  It looks like a hobo lives in it.

Happy Crappy Monday!


I enjoy reading your comments:)