Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Hell....Or Cleanse as some would call it

After lots of research on relieving my pain, the best conclusion I could find was a cleanse.  The thought of no food or cutting out the good stuff is complete torture but if it makes me feel better it is time to suffer!
I read a lot of different cleanses and comments and have decided to improvise and mix a couple of them.  Today I started out cutting out Caffeine, Sugar and Alcohol (Oh wine how I will miss you).  It hasn't been bad so far....I'm just waiting till tomorrow when I start cutting out everything else.  If anyone knows me they know I'm an angry hungry person, so this should be fun lol  After tomorrow I'm going to start an all veggie and fruit diet.  I bought a bunch today and plan on making a vegetable broth and plenty of juices!  I plan on stopping sunday night when my cousin comes over for our weekly dinner and wine session.  I will keep updating as long as I don't die from hunger haha

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