Monday, July 1, 2013

Weekend Update

Well first of all GFC is still here!  I was hoping it would be...those liars (watch it be gone tomorrow)

This weekend was a busy one:

A lovely bull snake was trying to get in the basement and my hubby literally caught it as it was almost completely inside...eeek

My now nephew and niece:)

She was scared of it but still wanted to touch it!

Baseball, baseball and more baseball!  Not that I was complaining.  Those poor kids played 5 games in 3 days.  Saturday they played 3 games.  We were there for 7 hours!  They got 2nd place though!!

Marcus getting his medal

Sunday my hubby went to fix my A/C and found dead mice in there...eww.  No wonder it didn't work.  Country living!

Sunday night I went to a dinner for my little sister.  She's not technically my sister but her sister was one of my best friends growing up and they became my second family.  She is having a baby and decided to have a gender reveal party.  I kept saying she was going to have a boy and I was right!
Look at her cute belly!

I also got to see my "niece" for the first time since August!  She is the cutest thing!

She was loving the frosting!
They made cupcakes with blue filling on the inside!  They were yummy!
It was a great weekend! I miss my hubby already though:( 
How was your weekend???

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