Friday, June 28, 2013

5 on Friday


Today I am linking up with Christina from Carolina Charm for 5 on Friday!
Warning-It is all food!

1. Chobani Flips

Have you seen these? I decided to try them because they were on sale (I'm cheap) and I will be buying them EVERY week!  This one and the almond choco loco are sooo delicious.  This one reminds me of the chocolate covered cherry blizzard at dairy queen (except raspberry). Dessert for breakfast yummy!

2. Morningstar Farms Chipotle Black Bean Burger-I really wanted something at work that was good for me, easy to warm up and would fill me up!  These are really good!
3. Skinny Cow Candy-
My favorite candy.  I actually would eat this over a Reeses---What?!!!!
4.  Brookside Dark Chocolate Pomegranate, Acai or Goji -
I mean shoot if I'm going to be addicted to sweets I might as well eat some that are better for me!
Watch out, these bitches are addicting!!
5.  Pirates Booty-If you haven't tried this yet you should! Also addicting ugh! Don't try the Veggie kind....gross.
On to the tournaments ALL weekend! It is so hard to eat well at baseball, 45 miles away from home so Ripped in 30 will start Monday. The 1st, it's so convenient!!
My husband (so weird to say that) is fixing the A/C in my car, thank goodness since it was 100 yesterday...yuck!
What is everyone doing for the weekend?? Who loves the above food?
Happy Weekend!!!

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  1. Analisa, thanks for your thoughts on naming my salad - I have now updated the post with a new name. Cheers


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