Monday, April 29, 2013

Bridal Showers and Breweries

This weekend was definitely a fun one!

Friday started with my IRL BFF Nicole driving out here to get her hair did.  I didn't take pics because she would probably kill me!
We drank some wine and caught up, it was great!
Then I had to take Marcus to an event at the rec center.  Hours after wine and an indoor pool=hell.  Seriously, longest 45 minutes ever!!

Saturday we got up early and loaded the car for Christy's bridal shower.  

I will just show you in pictures. Everything turned out great and the bride loved it!!

Sangria, and mason jars with mustaches

The beautiful bride!

Cute cupcakes the Maid of Honor made, sorry it's sideways

Jen (Bridesmaid)

The bride and her girls

After the shower we decided to have an after party haha so we ended up at Coors Brewery.  I had never been on their beer tour and everyone thought I was crazy and needed to experience it.

Free beer you say?? Hell yes

We got there about a half hour before they closed so in order to get our free beer we had to chug the beer in line while waiting for our next one.  It was interesting lol

Then we went to another local brewery.  I didn't get any pictures.  It was kind of a weird place, there were families everywhere.  It kind of felt like a family reunion in some one's backyard, awkward.

We then went to karaoke with McKennon's fabulous grandparents.  I have pics but they would probably hate them on the internet!

This was after drinking for 10 hours...not pretty lol
Sunday was shitty.  I picked up Marcus, headed home and pulled into the grocery store.  I got out and heard one of my tires deflating f*#k!  I got some fix a flat and prayed it would hold until today because of course that shit always happens to me on a Sunday when nothing is open.  

The fix a flat lasted all day until about 5.  I called my roadside assistance to come fix it and they were going to charge me 150 dollars...ouch.  Pops to the rescue.  The same guy that came and fixed my yard was coming over to get this massive tv in my basement and get rid of it.  Him and his brother in law (we will get to the awkwardness of that later) my two knights in shining armor.  They changed my tire and then we took it to their garage and they fixed it.  They saved me 150 dollars wooo.

So Brother in law=Butterflies.  I haven't felt those in years.  It figures it would happen when we are moving away from here lol If it weren't for bad luck I wouldn't have any luck at all!

Awkward Analisa moment

Him: Seriously if you need anything call me, I will come right over.
Me:Ok thanks
Him: Do you need my phone number?
Me: No I have your BIL's

Lol yep that's called Analisa doesn't know how to take a hint!

Anyway hope everyone has a great week! Sorry this was so long, if you read the whole thing you are a rockstar!!!


  1. Ahhh. You should've gotten his number! How far are you going to live from him when you move?

  2. Aw, that is totally something I would do...I never realised anyone liked me because I never could pick up on the hints.


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