Friday, March 1, 2013

Pits and Peaks of the week


Need I say more?
Love the kid. Hate the snow.

-My transmission is going out so I took it to an auto shop today and my wonderful warranty company said they wouldn't replace it until it actually goes out. Crap. If you see me broke down on the highway make sure and say Hi. Maybe bring me a drink coffee...but only if it's after Tuesday.

Good thing I have LOTS of Peaks this week!


-I got my tax money so I can fix some things around here. I also bought workout clothes...

 These are some running shorts. Anything pink and I'm a happy girl!

She may be evil but she kicks my butt every.single.time.  I made it through two of the three workouts before I wanted to puke!
I bought some stuff to make this...

I'm helping my friend plan her wedding and offered to make this since I have so much freaking free time! I LOVE planning and throwing parties.  My sister always said I should be a party planner.  I can dream!
Burlap and Lace.  You can't have a country wedding without them.

-I am on Day six of my cleanse and feel fantastic!  So fantastic that my 9 year old couldn't keep up with me today!

-Tomorrow is my Dad's birthday. Karaoke and Banana Cream pie. Yum. Wish I could have some lol

-My friend sent me a basket from Massachusetts-
A cookbook from the 1800's and lots of pumpkin stuff (I'm a pumpkin freak).  Anyone else get excited to get packages in the mail??

 Operation teach Marcus to cook so he won't live with me till he is 30 was in full effect on Wednesday.  He made enchilada casserole for 35 people!!

And now I will leave you with one last picture
Glad someone was enjoying the snow!

Now that I have bombarded you with pictures.  Have a great weekend!!

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