Thursday, February 28, 2013

It's Ok Thursday and Advocare Update

Linking up again for It's Ok Thursday!
Its Ok Thursdays
It's Ok.... That I just cleaned my house OCD style because I have a showing tomorrow and am hoping my cleaning skills get it done! Hello desperate, Nice to meet you!

That Marcus and I haven't listened to anything besides fun.
Best.CD.EVER! Go buy it, don't know who they are?? Google them, amazon them, whatever, just listen to them!

That I drove on some scary roads yesterday to get to work just because the thought of staying home one more day was like someone cutting off one of my fingers.

That my transmission is going out...f**k s&%t f**k. Oh and my laptop too. Everything always goes at once doesn't it?

 I haven't done a real workout since Monday. I figure on the cleanse I am eating so well it is not going to kill me but there are only a couple months left till summer. I need some pretty arms and abs lol

Update on the cleanse: I feel AMAZING!! I am sleeping like a baby, have energy and haven't been dragging all week! I am halfway there and already I am starting to get used to eating all these veggies! I do miss the wine though! I did cheat a tiny bit...with these They are soo good and healthy so I guess it wasn't too much cheating. These are replacing my hot cheeto habit!!

 Happy Friday to me!! Sorry for the rest of you;)

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