Saturday, October 20, 2012

Egg Carton Bats

Last night my son had a Halloween Sleepover with three other boys!  They had pizza, vanilla pudding parfaits with chocolate cookies and Halloween sprinkles, watched Hocus Pocus and made Egg Carton Bats!  Since we have chickens everyone is always saving their egg cartons for us so I knew we had plenty to work with.

You start out by breaking the egg cartons into 3's. I tried cutting them with scissors but found breaking them apart was much easier!

Gather some black paint, paint brushes, ribbon, and googly eyes.  Most of these things I have gathered from the dollar store or walmart over the years.
Paint the egg cartons.  The boys did this, I made sure they just covered the outside really well. Let them dry completely.
Glue on the eyes or if you are lucky the eyes have a sticker already on them.  Then poke two holes on the top for the ribbon.

Put the ribbon in one hole.
Pull it through and put it up the other hole.

Tie it at the top then hang it for some cute, easy Halloween decorations!

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