Monday, October 15, 2012

Benefits of Tomatoes

If you didn't notice I LOVE tomatoes!  Not just the taste or the texture but the nutritional part of them too.  If you don't eat enough tomatoes, you are definitely missing out.

*They help keep a diabetics blood sugar under control. *Tomatoes contain a lot of vitamins A and C, mostly because of beta-carotene, the more red a tomato is the better it is for you. *They can reduce the damage to your body that is caused by smoking. *Lowers blood pressure and high cholesterol. *It is natural skin care. If you open up a tomato and lay it on your face for a couple minutes it works just as great as the high priced skin products. *They are good for your hair, skin, teeth and bones. *They can lessen the rick of gallstones or kidney stones. *The lycopene in tomatoes can help lessen the chance of certain cancers. *Eating raw tomatoes gives you more Vitamin C, Eating cooked tomatoes gives you more lycopene. So eating both can benefit you in different ways. Are you convinced yet??

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