Friday, April 5, 2013

Pits and Peaks

I just want to say welcome to all my new followers! I know you are here because of the giveaway and that's ok. I have done it many times and found some of my favorite bloggers that way!! If you don't know about the giveaway go here. It's HUGE and you will love it!!

-I am not at opening day or even downtown for it:(


-It's opening day (I know I'm crazy) this can be a pit and peak lol

-My sister and I are taking my Dad to see Johnny Gill Saturday night!!

-One of my best friend's of 18 years just moved back from Arizona!!!!!!! This is probably #1!!

-It is getting closer and closer to moving day!  My friend up above and I keep joking that we are both moving back in with our parents at almost 30 and she even asked if I wanted to sleepover haha

TGIF!!! Hope everyone has a great weekend!


  1. Yay for new followers! I said the exact same thing the other day in my post It's true though, that's how I found some of my favorite blogs, through entering giveaways. Have a good weekend lady!! :)

  2. Analisa - good luck with your moving day!

  3. I would love for a few of my dear BFFs to move back home.


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