Saturday, July 14, 2012

My experiments for the last week!

I'm not sure what came over me, boredom maybe and the need for peanut butter and yogurt. I made homemade yogurt, Coconut Butter, Peanut butter and made three different kinds of jelly. I have decided to start my own business making jelly/jam/preserves/apple butter and applesauce. I made up 3 different kinds of jelly and have been having it tested by many people. They are a hit! Mango Chipotle, Peach, Raspberry Rum and Strawberry Limeade! They are no sugar or made with Stevia. I don't know about you but jelly can be a little too sweet for me so no sugar has a big appeal to me and the use of fresh ingredients makes it even better!
I am also going to start blogging once or twice a week about a different one skillet meal and hopefully eventually make an e-book! I've always been very inventive with one skillet meals and making them out of leftovers!
Wooohooo for new adventures!!

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