Monday, June 17, 2013

Father's Day Weekend

We had a blast this weekend.  It was busy but great family time!  I have about 5 million pictures but will only share some of them with you....
Marcus and my cousin this picture

He had to put on every one's hats

My uncle and dad playing dad has not played in years

So we took about 10 make sure we got record of it lol
We even had water balloons
Marcus and a snake

My dad, grandpa and Aunt

My uncle and dad....they aren't brothers or anything

my dad flipping off the camera

My Nana and Niece

My niece wasn't scared of the snake at all

Hello pinterest idea.....Papa instead of Dad though

My favorite!

My future step daughters

I love them!

Marcus and Tata

He got his own personal umbrella holder

my little fisherman

My seester and niece

She's a diva!
This is only half the pics I took lol  I will be back tomorrow with #sjphysical and some weekly goals!

Happy Monday!!

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