Tuesday, May 14, 2013

What's Going On...What's Going On (Marvin Gaye Style)

I have had a ton of stuff going on sorry for not being around!  Here is what's been going on...in pictures.

Marcus' first at bat of the year
Team pictures

T-Ball is seriously the cutest thing!

We moved out of the house we love:( It was bittersweet.  Such a relief but so sad.  I left my heart in San Francisco or Bennett whatevs...in more than one way.  It's been a week and I already miss it! The only Pro I can think of about living in the city is being close to family and friends...THAT IS IT! Everything else makes me want to gauge my eyes out lol

My bff moved back from Arizona and we finally got to go out and spend some time together!  We couldn't do it without Margaritas though!  Oh her fiance and parents were there too but they aren't important haha only kidding.

 Saturday was my angel baby's birthday so his Dad, Marcus and I released balloons.
Marcus writing a message to his brother

The sunset that night from Bennett.  The sunset is one of my absolute favorite things and when we lost our son it was the only thing that brought peace to my day.  It still does!

My seester, Mom and I on Mother's Day!

Chocolate fountain...Can it be Mother's Day every weekend? I could handle that!

My niece and her red solo cup.  We are teaching her early lol She also spilled that whole thing on me right after this pic.  Good thing she's cute!

Flowers from My Dad and Marcus...Marcus knows my favorite color.  

Christy and I got our hair did as a practice run for the wedding.

We also did some decorating for the bachelorette party!  That's what I am wearing!

Last but not least. My FH and I! (yeah I said that)  I am a lucky girl. He sends me a pic of the sunset every night because he knows how much I love it.  He's a keeper:)

How was every one's weekend? Mother's Day?? Happy Tuesday!!


  1. So I guess the dates went well! That's great!

    Happy belated mother's day!

  2. Those are some giant margaritas!! Love it!!
    How special was that to have such a beautiful sunset n yours sons birth day? And I love it that FH sends you photos of them all the time, melt my heart!!


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