Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Top Ten Workout Songs and Decorations!

Well because I have been slacking on recipes and sharing my meal prep I decided to link up with Trista for her top ten Tuesday!
Stewart Street
This week's is Top Ten Workout songs...can we just change this to Top Ten songs I want to dance to? These are in no particular order because I couldn't decide which ones are better than the others and didn't think that was fair or maybe I just didn't want to make the decision ha

Tupac-Hit 'Em Up

Juvenile-Back That Azz Up

Lil Jon- Get Low...You scared...you scared

Ying Yang Twins-Salt Shaker....Do you see a pattern here? I might possibly like to shake my azz

E-40-Tell me when to go....Put your Stunna shades on

Chris Ledoux-8 Second Ride-One of my favorite men of all time

The Whispers-Rock Steady

Breaking Benjamin-I will not bow-I like all different kinds of music if you couldn't tell



Pitbull-Go Girl

So because I haven't been cooking much I decided to show you what I have been doing.  Lots of Bridal shower and wedding decorations.....They aren't all done but here is a sneak peek (hopefully the bride doesn't read this lol)

Tissue paper flowers...these are fun to make

It says "You'll be my glass of wine, I'll be your shot of whiskey".  Don't mind my handwriting

Burlap Banner
Anyone have any great ideas for affordable bridal shower favors???


  1. For bridal shower favors, you could do chocolate lollipops, I've done wooden spoons arranged in a basket that doubles as a centerpiece. Hmmm what else. I will think of more and email you. :)

  2. Love Juvenile! I'm gonna do some brainstorming and might email you bridal shower ideas that I come up with!


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