Friday, February 22, 2013

Pits, Peaks and Baseball


Linking up again for Pits and Peaks of the week!

Lesbehonest I have way more pits than peaks but I will spare you my tears!


-I was off work all but two days this week. How can that be a pit you say? BOREDOM!! There is only so much cleaning, cooking, reading, working out and watching TV that can be done.

-My insomnia has gotten worse, oh how I miss sleeping!  No sleep makes this mama cranky!

-Is it a full moon? If you work in health care you know how fun those can be.  Today has been one of those days....quote of the day from one of our residents "God is up there jacking off while watching girls take their shirts off"  I can't make this stuff up!  Time for the hospital I would say!

-I found out my baseball boyfriend got married...
I'm not going to lie I may have cried alot a little.  Oh Cargo how could you cheat on me??

But...That reminds me of one of my peaks....


-Baseball season is almost here!  I even signed up for two fantasy teams today woohooo
Is it April yet??

-I have worked out every single day this week!! #operationredbikini here I come!  or #Milfby30 that works too!  I may have a hashtag problem:)

-Tonight a friend and I are celebrating Valentine's day with our kids! Meatballs, french fries and cheesecake yummy!!

-I get my niece tonight! Love that little energizer bunny!

-And last but not least we are having Anthony's pizza for lunch today....twice in one week!

Have a great weekend!!!

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