Thursday, September 13, 2012

What I have learned from Budgeting

A year ago I started researching couponing because I saw that silly show we all know and have seen.  I was so impressed with it and then realized they were buying a lot of stuff they would never use.  I mean really pallets of cat food when you don't own a cat?? That's just crazy!

I started reading and reading and found Crystal from Money Saving Mom.  I spent days reading every possible thing I could on her blog and eventually saw her love for Dave Ramsey.  I decided to start following his debt snowball plan. I have paid off several credit cards, hospital bills and just small bills that really add up.  While doing all of this I learned something....I waste a lot of money and have for years!  I look back on the last eleven years and think of how much money I could have saved and how I could have paid a lot more for a down payment instead of borrowing it.  I wouldn't have had a bankruptcy or credit cards.  I could have started a college fund for Marcus. There are so many things I could have done but I didn't and now I am making up for it.  It is hard but it will be worth it and honestly I enjoy making things homemade, and constantly finding ways to save money.  It feels great and it keeps me busy! We live and we learn!

As far as the once a month shopping goes I will start it completely next month.  This month was already split so I had to wait until I have the full amount.  It is kind of exciting to figure it all out and make it work.

I have been progressing pretty well with my goals at the end of last month.  My laundry room/entryway is half painted, yes half painted. Its half yellow half brown haha.  Sadly my body hasn't been feeling well enough to tackle it, maybe this weekend.  I made my own bread, did meal planning and have started on the once a month shopping.  It feels good to reach some goals!  

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