Monday, April 1, 2013

It isn't just April Fool's Day!

It is my little man's tenth (going on 25) birthday!!  A whole decade ago on April Fool's Day I went into labor and every single person we called thought it was a joke!! Nope I had been telling Marcus he couldn't come out until April 1st for insurance reasons and he listened.  The one and only time he ever listened haha

Anyway I was going to do my usual weekend recap, and Five for 5 but I thought this day should be ALL about Marcus so I am going to post a million pictures of him, ok not a million but a lot!

He has grown to be such a handsome, thoughtful, strong minded little boy and I couldn't be more proud:)

My favorite pic of him, pretending to chew lol, Davey Crockett, and 5th in the spelling bee!

his birthday weekend

Bottom right-meeting Dustin Lynch!

I have about 5 million more but didn't want to overload the page!!

Happy Monday!!!


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