Thursday, April 4, 2013

It's ok Thursday and Why I will never have 6 pack abs...

Its Ok Thursdays
It's ok...... That I agreed to do 30 Day Shred for 30 days and absolutely hate it! I love Jillian but 30DS is so damn boring and even when I push hard I don't burn any calories....I mean seriously under 100.

 I have eaten a whole bag of cookies in a couple days....cookies in my house are dangerous. I eat them all so they won't just taunt me and stay around for awhile. Good plan hah?? lol

 I really want to go downtown for opening day tomorrow and can't:(

 I am so frustrated with planning this bridal shower because I am putting so much effort into it and others aren't....

 I have found my 6 pack is work. Yes I go to work and make bad choices. 
 That is what on hand to eat at all times.  Not pictured: Hot Cheetos, Doritos, Cup N Noodles and massive amounts of candy.  I can bring my own lunch but I'm so damn cheap and when you get free lunch why turn it down?

Wednesday Lunch-Salisbury Steak-750 calories Thursday Lunch-BLT's and 5 Cup Salad-900 calories Friday Lunch-Dominoes Pizza...I mean see what I deal with? lol Let's not even talk about the smothered burritos that are 1200 calories...

And then I thought who the hell makes these menus anyway?? Oh that's right ME.  I am my own sabotage...shit.  Time to healthify those menus!! Everyone is going to hate me!

No more excuses...time to crack down on my eating...sigh

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  1. ummm can I please come work with you? you should say no so I won't gain 485 lbs, but free lunch is awesome!


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