Friday, April 19, 2013

PIts and Peaks of the week-Bitch edition


I don't do vlogs and honestly I hate watching them unless you are mama laughlin lol Sorry people


-Let's talk about bitches for a moment.  I work with all know what that means?? Shit talking, cattiness, and tons of gossip.  I HATE IT!  I used to join in it but the older I get the more it annoys me.  It especially annoys me when they are all talking about me behind my back.  I mean seriously? Do people not have anything better to do?  I mean seriously Grow the fuck up already!! Sorry had to get that out. can move the f out already! 

-Obviously losing my poor little Willie:(

-I am stressed out.  Moving sucks for real!

-Boston and West-No need to say more. It has been a sad week.

Ok let's get on to the good stuff...Peaks

-16 more days until we are out of that house!  Marcus told me the other day he thought that house was bad luck because nothing but bad things have happened to us there.  I never really thought about it, but he is right.  Damn 10 year olds are so smart!

-I have absolutely NOTHING to do this weekend! We get to stay at home and be bums. That hasn't happened in awhile and after this weekend won't happen till sometime in June.

-Finally got my etsy account set up.  If you know someone that needs some decorations let me know or send them here.

-The Rockies are kicking ass!

Happy Weekend!!!

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