Friday, March 22, 2013

Friday Faves/ Pits and Peaks

I always start with the Pits because you always save the best for last right?


Ok this is more like venting but if someone asks me if I'm on a diet one more time I might junk punch them (even if they are a girl).  Can't a girl eat healthy?? geez

snow is coming tomorrow...again.  I'm over it.  Isn't it supposed to be spring??

I tried to lasted 4 days until I wanted to strangle him.  This should have been my first clue....
I might be an old dog lady!
My refrigerator is going out...figures as soon as I am actually selling my house lol
My house is under contract!! Hallefreakinglujah!
We are going to go old school John Michael Montgomery tonight for my friend's 30th!!
10 days till Marcus is 10 and the Rockies opening day!!

Raising Steppe Sisters
Lori's Story over on Mama Laughlin's blog.  Tears and more tears.  I adore Lori, her and I have a mutual love of wine!  In this post you get to see her put it all out there.  It doesn't matter if we struggle with our weight or not, girls will always have insecurities.
Erin from She's a Big Star (which makes me think Kenny Chesney every time) did this post on when blogging feels like high school. It's true and we are all guilty of it. 
Whitney did a post Dude answers to Chick Questions.  I can't help it she always cracks me up!
Happy Friday Everyone!!!

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  1. I love that eCard! Loving country music is a MUST! So jealous that you went to see JMM... I love his songs!


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