Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Dinner Plan, Meal Prep and a Victory!

This morning I ran a 5k! I'm so excited and proud of myself!

I started out saying that I was going to run 20 minutes without stopping then when I got there I said "Oh 5 more minutes will be easy", then I got to 30 and checked my distance.  I was almost at 3.1 might as well keep going. Thank goodness for 90's Hip Hip on Pandora and Tupac.  They got me through it!  I was slow but who cares?!  I have a little over a month until I run a real one...outside.  The weather needs to quit being bi-polar so I can practice outside!

We will call this week's dinner plan the Pinterest plan.  I just made a bunch of stuff that looked good, nothing I made on my own.  I was too busy being a crafty crafter!

Sunday and Monday I only spent a couple hours making 8 things!  I even had 6 things in the oven at one time.  I do not have to cook the rest of this week and possibly some of next week!  Completely worth the time!

Here is my list of things I made:

Meatballs with a sauce of BBQ and grape Jelly. This one is for Marcus....even though they are amazing.

Black Bean, Quinoa Casserole-This was so good I couldn't wait for it to cool down before I ate some!

Quinoa Pizza Balls (I love balls haha)-And I might have a slight love for quinoa these days. I haven't tried these yet but they smelled good!

Homemade Greek Yogurt-This wasn't a lot of work but took a total of 16 hours.  I haven't tried it but hopefully it is good.  If it is, it will be worth it!

Oatmeal Cookies-So easy and healthy.  They satisfy a sweet tooth....and I may have put some chocolate chips in them:)

Skinny Potato Casserole-YUM-No need to say more

Quinoa Apple Cake-This was weird at first and I discovered coconut oil doesn't taste great in baking but it was still ok.  Kind of like a crumbly coffee cake.

Turkey bacon, egg cups-Egg beaters, Turkey bacon, Spinach, and tomatoes.

I also made quinoa, oatmeal and brown rice.  Chopped up cucumbers, lettuce, kale and spinach.

I think it took me an hour each day and of course just checking on the yogurt!

Quinoa and Oatmeal

Meatballs and Apple Quinoa Bread

Egg cups and Hash brown Casserole

One of these days I will get a fancy camera to take pretty pictures!

Happy Tuesday!!

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  1. That's some awesome meal planning right there!! I need to get better at it.


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