Monday, March 18, 2013

Weekend Update, Veronica Mars and 5 for Five

Well first and foremost I learned something this weekend that made my heart happy!

They are coming out with a Veronica Mars movie.  For those that don't know, it used to be my favorite show ever and I might have seen every episode at least a hundred times.  Kristen Bell would be my girlfriend if I decided to go lesbian.  Yes I know I may be a TV addict but guess what I don't care!!

Anyway if you were a fan you have to watch this video they made for the movie.  They put it on which is a website that people can put their ideas on it and people contribute money to help.  There is 3.5 million already pledged for this movie, guess I'm not the only fan;)

Friday we went shopping for wedding stuff and ended up getting stuff for my friend's 30th!

We mustache you a question!

Then we came home and finished watching this! SOOOOO good!  I can't wait for Season 2.

Saturday I woke up to these being delivered....
Aren't they pretty???!!

We signed Marcus up for baseball. I'm not sure who is more excited?? Probably me!

My mom took Marcus for the weekend so I did a whole lot of this...
I feel like I should be painting these black and fever much?

Made my own picture frame

Soon to be chalkboard sign!
I also made a burlap banner and two more chalkboard signs!
 Man do I know how to party St. Patrick's Day style lol  I can't wait to show everyone the end results!!

Alright 5 for Five time:

1.Baseboards...let's try this again.  I can't wait to try out my new saw!-Done! Yeah buddy!

2.Crafting!  I have jam to make too!  -Made wine jelly and did lots of to come

3.Order my business cards.-Not yet

4.Start eating clean again....this weekend killed me!-Did it! Thank goodness I feel much better, if only I could stop with the wine haha yeah right

5.Clean out my car.  It looks like a hobo lives in it--Done just need to vacuum it!

4 out of 5 is pretty damn good if you ask me!

This week:

1. Make a menu plan and do some food prep

2. Run 2.5 miles without stopping, thank goodness for the 90's hip hop station for getting me through lol

3. Caulk my kitchen

4. Groom my dogs!

5.Continue eating clean


Such an exciting life I live;)

Hope everyone has a wonderful week!


  1. Love your blog!! I am also addicted to Revenge. I am halfway through this week's episode!

  2. Four out of five is great. I am back to healthy eating this week. I feel like trash with everything I've eaten recently. Good Lord.

    My car is in desperate need of vacuuming.


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