Saturday, January 5, 2013

Sprouts Shopping Trip

As kind of a follow up to my post Eating Healthy on a Budget-Part 1 I went shopping at Sprouts for my fruits and veggies.

The only thing I forgot for my meal plan was red bell peppers and greek yogurt...oops.  Good thing I have a grocery store nearby! Although I got a few extra veggies to play around with and maybe make some good sides.  Honestly I am not a veggie person, I literally have to force feed myself but I am trying really hard.  I WANT to love them.

A bunch of Spinach-.88 cents-This will last about a week and then if I see it start to go bad I will blanche it, freeze it and add it to smoothies.

Butternut Squash-1.47 for almost two pounds.  I am not quite sure what to do with this one.  Anyone have some great recipes?  I know from experience though when squash isn't cut up it lasts a very long time.

Celery-.88 cents-This will last probably a month or so.

Cilantro-A bunch for .49 cents.  There are so many things I can add this to.

Cucumbers-3 for a $1.  These will last two weeks.

Fuji Apples-over two pounds for 1.90-not the best deal but we eat them constantly. These will last 2-4 weeks.

Grape Tomatoes-1.50-we add these to salads or my son just eats them by themselves. These will last 2-3 weeks in the fridge.

Kale-A bunch for .99 cents. This will last two weeks or so.

Green Leaf Lettuce-a bunch for .88 cents.  This can last 3-4 weeks when stored right.  Hopefully you eat it long before then.

Avocados-2 for 1.76.  If you don't use these on time just cut them in half, take out the pit and freeze.

Red Yams-a pound for 1.24.  Not sure what to do with these yet, maybe fries? These usually don't stay good for too long so it is best to use them as soon as you can.

Roma Tomatoes-1.16 lb for 1.02.  These are my favorite!  They can last up to two weeks.

Spaghetti Squash-2.12 lbs for 1.04.  Spaghetti here we come.

Yellow Onion-.40 cents.  I just bought one.  I normally cut this up and freeze in small portions.  I HATE cutting onions so the thought of having to cut it up everytime I need it is pure torture! Plus it makes life and dinner easier:)

Total: 15.45

After this shopping trip I will go back in two weeks but only to buy what is on sale or what we have used up.  The most expensive thing I bought was the apples for 1.90 and I got 6 good sized ones.  I know there are only two of us but anything can last if you make it!  ( I also bought quinoa but we will talk about that in Part 2)

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