Tuesday, November 27, 2012

House Selling 101

Anyone that wants to sell a house knows the number one must is to clean, clean, clean!! 

I thought my house was relatively clean and that I had been pretty good about keeping the clutter down to a minimum....well let's just say I thought WRONG!  I have spent about ten days cleaning things out and decluttering.  I also had to stage a couple rooms.  There was a broken desk mishap that kind of ruined my plans for one room but you know what?? I didn't get beat down or frustrated I solved the problem with a table.  I remember being a buyer my thought was always "what would I do with this room?".  I wasn't worried about what they were doing with it.

I am finally done with cleaning and it is now on the market and I have learned a couple things....I am terrible at cleaning windows and mirrors! Talk about streaks!  Someone teach me lol  Second I got complimented on being a pretty good up and coming handy man;)  I am looking forward to possibly buying another home closer to my family and fixing it up!

I promised to make a seller's checklist and I am working on it!  It is definitely a learning experience but I guess so is life:) 

I can't say I am excited about selling this house, it is my dream house:(  But things change and it is time to move on.  At least I can look back someday and say I have been here:)

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