Tuesday, October 30, 2012

21 Days to a More Disciplined Life: Day 1, 2 and 3

Yes I am slacking on posting progress from my 21 day adventure to a More Disciplined Life but here it is!

Day One-Discipline is a choice.  I had to pick one small project that was nagging me and do it!  I picked a pile in my living room that collects things and put it all away.

 Talk about procrastination!  This literally took me ten minutes and I even dusted woohoo!


I also had to pick a major project to complete the next 21 days and I decided I want to run a mile without stopping by then.  21 days is plenty of time for me to build up my endurance. 

Day 2: Discipline is a process, that is for sure.  As I was completing day 1 I kept finding several closets and cupboards to clean out...oh boy.

Today I had to pick one simple thing to change and follow through with.  I picked making sure all the dishes are done and put away before bed.  It really does make the mornings easier when the kitchen is clean!
Ooooh Shiny!

Day 3: Start With The Small Things.  It is almost like the Dave Ramsey's Snowball effect.  Start with the small things and the big things aren't as overwhelming!

I had to pick one bad habit I want to reverse and I chose Laundry.  I am terrible with leaving it in the basket without folding it or folding it but taking a week to put it away.  Anyone else have this problem??  So here was my couch today
Not too much but enough.  It took two minutes to put it away and now I have a clean couch!
So what did I learn from the last 3 days? It took me less than fifteen minutes a day to do these simple things, why is my house not perfect?? lol Oh wait there is no such thing:)

Day 4 will be delayed due to Halloween fun but then I will be back and ready to roll!

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