Tuesday, November 6, 2012

21 days to a more disciplined life: Day 4

I know this has taken a long time but we were busy having fun! The last week we had Halloween parties, Dinner with Grandparents, time with my niece, went to the art museum, and I even got to watch a friend try on Wedding dresses.  Here are some pictures:
 Marcus as a lego!
The kids playing at the Halloween party!

Saturday all museums were free from 5pm to 10pm so a friend and I took her three boys, Marcus and my niece.  It wasn't all that impressive but the boys enjoyed painting! Then we had dinner at the park.  It is getting chilly at night!

Day 4 is writing down habits that you want to break and some that you want to develop.  I picked my top three and although they don't sound like much they are baby steps to much bigger things.

1. Stop biting my nails!  It is such a nervous habit for me, when I'm waiting for something, watching sporting events (ahhh), or even when I'm bored.  It would be nice to grow them out and paint them, that hasn't happened since I was 16!

2. Keeping our kitchen table clean.  This needs to be a habit for both Marcus and I.  It is constantly covered with junk!

3.Keeping my car clean.  This is also a habit for both of us to fix.  A dirty car makes me crazy but yet I never do anything about it!

I am slowly getting there.  It didn't help that I woke up not feeling well today, of course it always happens on my day off when I have a list of things to do.  I guess this teaches me to wait!

Happy Election Day!  Hope everyone voted!!

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