Monday, April 22, 2013

The Weekend of Packing

Boring I know!

Friday-  I didn't have any wine but had some vodka so that was what was for dinner...
It was delicious too!
Saturday- Marcus and I kicked some ass in got almost all of it done.  We aren't ready to move or anything.

I made this sign for one of my many sisters for her wedding present.  It doesn't matter that her wedding was in August does it??

I always wanted to make one and after making this one I might go sign making crazy haha It looks much better in person I promise!

At Marcus' baseball practices I am lucky enough to get to visit with one of the kid's grandpas.  He is great company and lucky for me when my realtor called the other day to tell me there were some repairs that need to be done on our house he was sitting right there and offered to do them for free. He is a serious life saver!  He got out there Saturday with his bobcat and covered my yard with dirt!  There was a part he couldn't get to and the three of us ended up doing it by hand.  I was regretting that on Sunday.

It was so beautiful outside, so when he left I went for a run and did some legs...ouch.

Sunday- We woke up and I loaded up my car tetris style.  A movie cabinet and about 25 boxes. 

I went for another run, packed some more and by noon I couldn't walk anymore.  Yep Fibromyalgia rearing it's ugly head.  My fault for doing too much.  I then layed on the couch and watched depressing shows and movies.  Stupid romantic comedies aka women porn lol I was fully expecting the love of my life to show up at the door and we lived happily ever after haha only in the movies!

Oh and did I mention I read this awesome book (Steph add it to your list)

Touch & Go Audio Clip
Sorry there aren't any pictures of us packing, hopefully you know what boxes look like lol
Ecard: Help Wanted: Moving
Happy Monday!

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