Saturday, March 30, 2013

Pits and Peaks-Late to the party

I am almost never late to the party, especially if there is wine haha only kidding kind of

Is it Saturday already?? Where did this week go?  It flew by and all day yesterday I thought it was Saturday.  I shopped ALL day and hated it!  I was searching for wedding stuff and ended up at 7 different stores...exhausting!  I even took the time to run around a lake that I was forced to run in high school.  That's right I did it on purpose!

On to the pits and peaks...


-The full moon.  The people at work were crazy. Broken car windshields and all!
-I only worked out twice this week. I felt like shit all week too!


-It is Marcus' birthday weekend, full of cupcakes and karaoke!

-I got to hang out with a friend Thursday night and go to karaoke and breakfast with her.  Friend time is awesome!

-I have gotten a lot of decorations done this week

-I didn't need a new refrigerator thank goodness!

I'd have to say it was a good week!

Hope you all have a great weekend:) 

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