Sunday, October 28, 2012

21 Days to a More Disciplined Life

 Crystal Paine from Money Saving Mom has been an inspiration for many women. Her blog along with her books have made her a household name.  The best part of her blog is that she is real.  She tells it like it is and shows all sides of herself, including her struggles.  She lets us know that we don't have to be perfect and that things aren't always going to come easily, especially a disciplined life.

When we are younger discipline means we are in trouble, as we grow older it means an activity or regimen that develops or improves a skill. I don't know about you but I can always use some improving in different parts of my life.

This book came at the perfect time.  A friend and I have made each other accountability partners for eating better and working out.  Both for health reasons.  After reading the book, I was excited to get started.  It's almost as if she has given us 21 days of homework.  Not the boring kind of  homework from school but homework to improve ourselves.

She helps you along with encouragement and gives you alternatives if something doesn't go the way you had planned, a back up plan.  We all know life gets in the way of our plans and we can either get hung up on that or trust ourselves to get through it.  In the process we might actually discover things about ourselves we never knew was possible. She is that friend that is there everyday pushing you and offering advice.

There are some very important points I got from this book and hopefully you do too.

-Recognizing the problem and wanting to change it.  We can all make goals but if we don't recognize the ways we are avoiding getting those things done then we never will.

-Patience.  In weight loss they say it didn't take a person a day to gain weight and it won't take a day to lose it.  It takes time and hard work to reach your goals but when you do the feeling is amazing!.

-Be realistic. We all set higher goals for ourselves than we can accomplish and then feel beat down when we can't meet them. It is all about baby steps.  Even 15 minutes at a time does something.

-The final one is Just Do It! If you don't it won't ever get done!

I will be posting all 21 days on here and I hope you will follow me in my journey!

If you are interested in the book it is 4.99 but only 21 days away from a more disciplined life!

So today I start my 21 days!  The first step is a pile of stuff I need to take to my basement! And I'm off.....

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