Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Once a Month Grocery Shopping

About a week ago I came across a blog that blew my mind.  She has a family of four and lives on 14,000 a year.  WHAT??!! One of her key ways of saving money was once a month grocery shopping.  She spends a couple days once a month shopping and preparing all of the food for the freezer or fridge.  If you get a chance read it!  It was so inspiring to me that I went back through my budget and discovered I spend way more a month on groceries than I should!  I have been trying to pay off bills, create some savings and save to get some work done on my car.  I might actually meet these goals if I really focused.  So from now on thats what I will do.  I have become extremely frugal lately making my own peanut butter, laundry soap, dishwashing soap, curtains, decor for my house (thank goodness for pinterest).  I am working on finding more ways to save money!  So for the next few months here are some of my goals:

-Make my own bread (Savings $6 a month)
-work my way towards once a month grocery shopping (Savings $50 a month)
-Start meal planning again
-Pay off my last credit card yay! (savings $50 a month)
-Start doing my one skillet meals again
-Paint my laundry room (last room I have to paint)

I think 6 will do for now! I don't want to give myself too much, I do have work and school also!  Well I'm off to do some painting and crafting, I will post pics later!

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