Monday, June 25, 2012

Sunflowers and Canvas Prints

A year ago there was a field by our house full of sunflowers. I don't know about you but sunflowers put a smile on my face, especially a whole field of them!!
So while looking at pinterest there were a ton of DIY canvas prints, so I decided to make them for the entryway of our house. They weren't hard and it was my first experience with
Modge podge-the aerosol kind.
The field also inspired me to grow my own sunflowers and they are beautiful! Out here with our desert like heat and clay soil it is difficult to grow anything but sunflowers seem to like it!

Do it yourself canvases are easy!  I bought the canvases at Ross for 7 dollars (for both).  Then figured out what pictures to put on the wall and had them printed at Costco for 5 dollars.  I then modge podged them on the canvas.  I did use the aerosol modge podge and was not impressed.  If you use the regular modge podge with a paint brush it really does look like a canvas!  I modge podged the picture on and let it dry then did the top.  You can sand down the sides to make it look more rustic or just leave it!  I finally got these up after finishing my entryway/laundry room!

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