Friday, February 8, 2013

Pits and Peaks of the Week

Today I have decided to link up with Allie and Brin for Pits and Peaks of the week!  Seemed like a fun link up!


So here goes:


-I got Marcus' grades and they were NOT pretty.  Bummer that when he gets grounded it grounds me too!

-It is supposed to snow tomorrow BOO! I am not a cold weather girl at all! 

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-I have a new addiction to hot cheetos...can't get enough of those things and it's really messing up my healthy eating.  Ok it's messing up me hoarding calories for my wine lol

-Speaking of....I am almost out of wine. Could have something to do with me drinking it for dinner last night.....

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-Ate Burger King for lunch yesterday and a big huge burrito the day before, work is keeping me from getting that 6 pack I want eek! (oh and those damn hot cheetos)

Now onto the good stuff:


-I started the C25K on Saturday and have been kicking butt.  I ran a half mile without stopping, for all you professional runners this is BIG for me. I have ran 7 miles in the last week!! I'm going to be a runner yet!

-I lowered the price on my house.  This may seem like a Pit but if it gets my house sold it is a Peak!  Mama needs more money and to be closer to my family!

- My cousin is coming to stay with us this weekend and I can't wait.  Wine time! (Ok it's always wine time for me)

-I fixed my own freezer!  I thought about hiring a handy man but I am a badass and figured it out myself used Youtube to figure it out! Who needs a man??!!

-Started spring cleaning already....Who is ready for Spring?? I AM I AM!!

-Watched Season 2 of Covert Affairs.  If you haven't watched it it is really good!  Female spies are awesome!

That's it for today!  Hopefully next week I will have something much more interesting to share, I lead a boring life!  Happy Friday!

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