Friday, November 16, 2012

21 Days to a More Disciplined Life-On Hold

Well I have been slacking on my 21 Days adventure and it hasn't had anything to do with actually slacking!  I am preparing my house to sell and it is going to be taking up a lot of time so the adventure is going to be on hold for awhile, not forever just for a little while.

I have bought houses but never actually had to sell one and as I look around my house I feel like I have six months of work to do but I'm exaggerating!  One of the hardest parts about my not yet diagnosed fibromyalgia is that on the days when I overwork myself the next day and days after are hard.  I can't get myself to do much of anything so this will be a learning experience on how to keep on track without hurting myself.  I have been searching on the internet for checklists to get my house in order and have found many but not what I am looking for so I am going to be making my own as I go and sharing it!

If you have tips for selling a house please share them!  Any help would be greatly appreciated!


  1. As a retired realtor, the best advice I could give you is to have a home inspection done by a licensed inspector PRIOR to actually putting your home up for sale:)

  2. That's a fantastic idea! It would save the time of doing a lot of work that I may or may not need to do. Thank you!!


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